Innovative city of Trikala taking the lead in the war against smoking

Snow was in the air on New Year's Eve in Trikala and I was with a group of friends looking for some much-needed warmth and a good meal after a day touring the Thessaly city.

Most of the tavernas in the popular Old Town neighborhood of Manavika were packed, their patrons having planned ahead and made reservations. Hope appeared a bit further along, when we spied an empty table through a window. "Table for eight? Right here," said the waiter when we inquired within. "Is smoking allowed?" asked one of my group. "Of course not!" stressed the waiter, clearly shocked at the question.

In those few days I spent in Trikala over the holidays, I realized that it's not just that smoking isn't allowed in public spaces, but it's obviously not allowed. Speaking to me on the telephone later, Trikala Mayor Dimitris Papastergiou was delighted at my experience in his city. It's not that...

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