FAQs: The Greece-FYROM name deal

The ratification of the Prespes agreement signals a new chapter for both Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), and also raises a series of questions regarding the future of the two countries. Here, we address some of these questions and attempt to provide some answers.

1. How does the agreement relate to FYROM's NATO bid?

The Prespes agreement will go into full effect once FYROM becomes a member. Following the ratification of the deal in the Greek Parliament on January 25, the Balkan country will be invited by NATO, within the next few days, to sign an accession protocol as "Republic of North Macedonia." However, its accession will have to be approved by all 29 parliaments of NATO's member-states, including Greece's. This could take more than a year, judging by Montenegro's accession in 2017.

2. Can Russia scupper...

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