Legendary Dutch Boxer Found in Bad Condition in a Caravan in Bulgaria

A legendary Dutch boxer lives in a caravan without electricity and water in Kosharitsa village in Nessebar. The 73-year-old Rudi Lubbers, who has managed 12 rounds against Mohamed Ali, is currently in miserable condition. A charity campaign is being organized in the Netherlands for his rescue.

There is no electricity, water and no heating in the trailer in the Kosharitsa field. Boxer's wife is severely ill and is lying on cartons in the caravan. They take care about 25 stray dogs. The Dutch boxer, who competed at the 1964 and 1968 Olympic Games, has been in Bulgaria for 7 years.

"I would be happy to stay in Bulgaria, but the help I would have received in the Netherlands would be much better and I expect to help me." They stole my credit card, passport and the last money, I have only a driver's license, "said the boxer. Bulgaria ON AIR.

In 1973, in Jakarta, Rudi Lubbers stood in the ring against the legend Mohamed Ali. He loses, but he lasts 12 rounds.

"I'm the only white boxer who has been boxing with him and is not knocked out I've lost in points We've stayed friends with him I've been a 25-year-old champion in the Netherlands, no one has defeated me in the ring.

In the 1980s, Rudy goes to prison in Portugal for drug trafficking. After leaving prison he feels lonely and forgotten, so he starts to wander around the world. He is worried that in his country people still believe he is a drug trafficker. But after many years of wandering around the world, Ruby hopes to finally return to his homeland.

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