Bulgarian Defense Minister: The Situation in the Balkans Has Not Changed For the Better

This was stated by the Minister of Defense at an annual conference, reported NOVA TV. 

''The security situation in the Balkans has not changed for the better in the past year.'' Defense Minister Krassimir Karakachanov said during an annual conference of the Chief of Defense.

As examples, Karakachanov pointed out the complicated relations between Serbia and Kosovo, the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey's policy towards Syria.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that these security problems in the region are lightly covered by the reports of our NATO partners, but they must be clearly spoken and we should not overlook them.

As priorities this year, the Minister highlighted the development of three key projects for the modernization of fighters, land troops and naval forces. ''The policy of the Ministry to increase wages will continue'', Karakachanov assured.


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