North Macedonia crushed Russia's plan, says Poroshenko

According to the Ukrainian news agency Unian, Poroshenko also said that Russia tried to prevent the entry of North Macedonia into NATO.

The agency states that the Ukrainian president made this statement during the session of the Supreme Rada and before a vote on the law on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine regarding the way for Ukraine to gain full membership in the EU and NATO.

It is added that the protocol on the accession of North Macedonia to NATO was signed on February 6 in Brussels and that the Balkan state will soon become the 30th member of the alliance.

"The North Macedonia road was very difficult, but that country showed unity and crushed the Russian plan by which Russia tried to stop this extremely important step towards strengthening security in Europe. NATO's door has become open to the 30th country," he said.

As Poroshenko pointed out, "on that day the European Commission made a decision on the membership of North Macedonia in the EU."

"This is another indicator that this process is connected and two-way - NATO and the EU," the president of Ukraine concluded.

The protocol on the accession of Macedonia to NATO was signed on Wednesday.

Macedonia will participate in NATO meetings without voting rights, and will become a full member when all 29 member states ratify the protocol in their parliaments. The Prespa agreement envisages Greece to do it first, which has been announced for February 8.

Seven days after Greece ratifies the protocol, Macedonia will formally change its name to North Macedonia.

Normally, the process of joining NATO takes about 18 months, but according to announcements from the alliance headquarters carried by Macedonian media, North...

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