Synthetic Drug Laboratory Unveiled near Sofia

Laboratory for Synthetic Drug was discovered in Radomir, the Ministry of Interior announced.
The police operation was held on February 5th. by officers of the Directorate General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, ODMWP-Pernik and RU-Radomir, under the supervision and management of the Pernik Regional Prosecutor's Office.

In the framework of the operation, a criminal investigation was carried out in a house in the Radomir village of Dolna Dikanya, inhabited by a 43-year-old Sofia citizen registered under Article 325 of the Criminal Code (who committed indecent actions, grossly violating public order and expressing disrespect for society, is punished for hooliganism by imprisonment of up to two years or by probation, as well as by public reprobation).

There the anti-mobs discovered an installation for the production of synthetic drugs in a working process. The installation is a metal vessel connected to a gas burner containing about 20 liters of brown liquid that reacts to methamphetamine during testing.

In the search made from the dwelling are also seized: a tube containing about 10 liters of transparent liquid, which when tested with field test reacts to amphetamine base; about one kilogram of white powders that have responded to amphetamine and other chemicals and precursors used in the drug synthesis process. Flasks, condensers, measuring cups, glass jars were found and seized.

The man is detained for 24 hours. Pre-trial proceedings under Art. 354 "a", para. 1 of the Criminal Code, the work on its documentation continues under the supervision of the prosecutor's office.

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