US ambassadors in Belgrade and Pristina in joint op-ed

It is time for Kosovo to abolish taxes, for Serbia to respond in a constructively, for provocations on both sides to stop, for Belgrade and Pristina return to the dialogue led by the European Union, and for both sides to boldly opt for peace.

That is what Kyle Scott and Phillip Kossnett wrote in a joint op-ed published in Belgrade by Politika, and in Pristina by Zeri.

"If you do so, we are optimistic that you can achieve a historic agreement on normalization in 2019," they continued.

They added that Belgrade and Pristina will have the full support of the US in order to formulate and implement a comprehensive agreement and stated that a sober political leadership with a vision can lead to a comprehensive agreement between Serbia and Kosovo, at whose center, they claim, would be "mutual recognition."

"The US neither is, nor will be prescribing what this solution should look like, but believes it must be applicable both in Kosovo and Serbia and must contribute to long-term stability in the region," the ambassadors wrote, among other things.

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