After the Prespes accord: Turkey's presence in FYROM

The Prespes agreement has - one way or another - successfully been ratified by the parliaments in both Skopje and Athens. The general view in the Western world is that the end of the long-term dispute will bring stability to the area as well as establishing a bond between the NATO countries and "North Macedonia," eliminating the risk of entente with Russia, which now has eyes only for Serbia in the Balkans. The subject of this article will not be the positive and negative repercussions of the agreement on Greece, although they will definitely be giving us food for thought for years to come.

In the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia today there are an estimated half a million Muslims, which is about one-third of the total population. There are 600 mosques in operation, while approximately 300,000 people attend Friday prayers. The religiosity of the population makes it more...

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