Dangerous combination

In September 2015, Alexis Tsipras took an inevitable albeit politically honest step. After making a mess of negotiations with the country's foreign lenders, which cost Greece dearly, he called another election after having risen to power just months earlier.

The leftist leader wanted a fresh mandate to legitimize his own U-turn and implement the tough bailout agreement which he signed up to. Dazed and angry, Greek voters renewed his mandate, giving Tsipras a second opportunity.

We have now reached a point where he must do the same. Voters gave Tsipras a mandate, which did not however foresee that he would govern with the most arbitrary, heterogeneous and nontransparent majority in Greece's recent political history. The prime minister has supposedly accomplished his goal, which was Greece's exit from the memorandums, and, after that, the distribution of the social...

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