The First Bio-printer in Bulgaria at the Medical University in Plovdiv

Cellink's first bio-printer in Bulgaria starts work at the Department of Medical Biology at the Medical University in Plovdiv, the school said on Monday, reports Mediapool. 

The bio-printer allows the creation of computer-controlled 3D objects by overlaying synthetic and / or biological materials in multiple layers.

3D bioprinting is one of the latest technologies, with extensive application in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to develop complex tissue structures that mimic natural organs and tissues.

Special biomaterials containing living cells and biomaterial are used that preserve cellular function and vitality and provide intercellular communication.

Individual 3D-tumor models can be constructed to test different drugs with patient-isolated tumor cells. This is a promising and safe method of determining specific treatment for each particular patient.

The new technology will be demonstrated in March as part of the freely-chosen course on molecular, personalized and regenerative medicine. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the principles of 3D bioprinting and the principles of regenerative medicine.

The department has the necessary research capacity and trained specialists, as well as a clear vision for the application of the new equipment.

A research project on 3D bioprinting in oncology is under way and tissue and organ protocols for the needs of regenerative and experimental medicine will be developed.

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