"US puppet, trained by ex members of Serbian organization"

That's what the US media are saying, while the Russians are reporting that the self-proclaimed leader had been recruited by Washington some ten years ago, and is nothing but a US puppet.

This information was conveyed by Venezuela's Ambassador to Russia Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa.

"In November 2010, according to emails obtained by Venezuelan security services, Guaido and several other student activists attended a secret five-day training at the hotel 'Fiesta Mexicana' in Mexico. The sessions were run by Otpor, the Belgrade-based regime change trainers backed by the US government. The meetings has reportedly received the blessing of Otto Reich, a fanatically anti-Castro Cuban exile working in George W. Bush's Department of State, ad the right-wing former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe," it is stated.

The article says that Otpor was made up by a group of students from Belgrade who worked to end the regime of Slobodan Milosevic, and that "the children who led the group, after the fall of Milosevic, dressed up in suits and created the organization CANVAS. They are still financed from the United States and travel the world in an attempt to bring down dictators and autocrats, i.e., those that the US does not like."

The Venezuelan ambassador added that the Americans had estimated Guaido was "ready for action" - but that he actually is not.

"He's just a puppet, he's been put there for the United States to stand behind him and speak. The concept of a temporary president does not exist in the Venezuelan Constitution, Guaido and the American allies just want to deceive the international public," Tortosa stressed.

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