"This platform for Kosovo dialogue aims to ruin it"

The head of the Serbian Office for Kosovo and Metohija added that the document's goal was to "collapse the dialogue."

"What they have adopted has nothing to do with intent to reach an agreement. This is a wish-list of the separatists in Pristina, an unrealistic document aimed at bringing down the dialogue and ruining it," Djuric told a press conference.

He stressed that if they wanted dialogue in Pristina, they should abolish the "anti-civilizational taxes (on goods from central Serbia)" and stop trampling on the rights of Serbs in Kosovo.

He said that Serbia is turned toward finding a genuine solution for the problems.

Djuric pointed out that in the first point of Pristina's platform, Kosovo independence is treated as "a done deal."

"I want to congratulate Vuk Jeremic, Dragan Djilas, Boris Tadic (former Serbian officials, now opposition politicians) and others, because the first point speaks about the opinion of the International Court of Justice, which they asked for," Djuric said.

He pointed out that the whole document speaks about Pristina not wanting to come to an agreement with Belgrade, because it refers to "territorial integrity and sovereignty" of the so-called Kosovo.

"If for them 10,887 square kilometers of the so-called independent Kosovo, for us they aren't. That is no way to reach a compromise," Djuric said.

He pointed out that "exclusive stances" have not been accepted in either in the UN, or by much of mankind.

Djuric also said that alongside the platform, a false claim was made that Kosovo has been recognized by 115 countries when this is now in fact a two-digit number, thanks to the efforts of President Aleksandar Vucic, Minister Ivica Dacic and all of...

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