Abandoned dog waiting for its owners for a year at bus stop

A dog which was abandoned by its owners about a year ago at a bus stop has been since waiting for them to come back.

The dog has been given the name of "Can" ('Life' in Turkish) by locals in the Turkish resort town of Bodrum in Muğla.

One of the locals named Burçin Keleş told Anadolu Agency that she had first noticed the dog while looking out of window of her house just across the bus stop as it never left that spot.

"I and my husband took care of him. We named it him 'Can.' It has been waiting for its family to come back since being abandoned at this bus stop. When it is very cold outside, we take him to our garden. But when it is again morning, it wants to climb up the [garden] door and come back to the bus stop. Whenever it leaves the house, it comes back to the bus stop and waits for its family to return," said Keleş.

Although Bodrum locals were in love with Can, it "wanted" its original family, said Keleş.

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