Bus driver fined for playing game on mobile phone while driving

A public bus driver in Turkey's southern province of Adana has been fined and given penalty points for playing a game on his mobile phone while driving, İhlas News Agency has reported.

The incident came to light after a passenger on the bus recorded the 34-year-old Orhan Can playing Okey -- a very popular tile-based game in Turkey -- on video.

After the relevant video was shared on social media, Adana police took action to find Can. Following an analysis of several buses and cues in the video, police found out the bus in which the relevant incident took place and tracked down Can.

The bus driver confessed that he played Okey while driving for which he was fined 343 Turkish Liras (approximately $65) and given 30 penalty points.

Can was later dispatched to the Adana police station for the necessary judicial procedure to be undertaken.

Asked by reporters why he played Okey while driving, Can said: "I had time, while I was waiting I turned on the game. I was not thinking. I harmed myself. I am paying for my mistake."

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