GERB has Announced that it will Restore the Preferential Vote

Three days after the final adoption of the elected law amendments they have opted for, the government refused to change the rules for preferential voting and its intention to keep the current Central Electoral Commission (CEC) to hold MEPs' election despite its expiring term, reports Dnevnik. 

"GERB will restore the so-called preferential vote, because we are the only political force in Bulgaria that listens to the voice of 2.5 million voters." This was announced by the MP from the party Georgi Markov after a meeting of the party leadership, called urgently earlier today by the leader of the party Boyko Borisov. He also announced the decision of GERB to start a procedure for choosing a new CEC.

From Markov's words it was understood that there would probably be no machine vote as it was introduced with the amendments to the Code on the request of the MRF. "We go to Europe, we can not go to the euro, but introduce a machine vote that has nothing to do with Europe. The head of state said that if there was no machine vote, the vote would be manipulated, "Markov said.

In fact, there is a mechanical vote in Belgium, and electronically in Estonia. Last week, the Electoral Code was changed, according to which a machine vote had to be in all sections of the European elections in May.

The party leadership meeting was held in the absence of GERB Parliamentary Speaker Tsvetan Tsvetanov, who chaired the parliamentary vote and today is in Kosovo. Boyko Borisov explained the adoption of the texts that increased the thresholds for respecting preferences and the need to provide support to the MRF for parliamentary work in the absence of sufficient votes from the coalition partner in the ruling coalition - United Patriots. He added that now...

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