New evidence, mass graves around Croat WW2 death camp?

These recordings have been discovered recently in an archive in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Dr. Gideon Greif, an Israeli Holocaust historian who recently authored a study about Jasenovac, and was decorated by the president on Serbia's Statehood Day, revealed this.

Jasenovac was one of a killing ground for Serbs, Jews, and the Roma, a death camp set up and opperated by the WW2 Nazi allied entity the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) and its Ustasha regime.

"The conclusion is clear that the number of those killed in Jasenovac was extremely high. The new footage reveals a new fact, that is, the existence of many large mass graves scattered on a surface of at least 10 square kilometers. This footage is one of the final pieces of evidence based on which we will, I'm afraid, have to even increase the number of those killed in Jasenovac from 700,000 to 800,000, which are today's estimates," Grief told the daily Politika in an interview.

The author of the monumental study, "Jasenovac - the Auschwitz of the Balkans, the Ustasha Empire of Cruelty" - for which President Aleksandar Vucic honored with with Golden Medal of Merit on the occasion of Serbia's recent Statehood Day - says that he is honored by the accolade, but notes that he accepts it as a collective recognition.

As Grief explained, one man is not responsible for everything that is the result of massive, dedicated work on raising the Serb-Jewish bastion before the revisionism of the past.

"But, I happen to be privileged to have received this joint, Serb-Jewish order, whose replica I hope will, to the pride of the Serb-Jewish fraternity and friendship, will find its place in the Museum of the Serbian Diplomacy," Greif said, stressing that it would mean a lot to...

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