Aegean to offer seven new destinations, including Skopje

Leading Greek carrier Aegean Air announced on Wednesday the addition of seven new destinations to its flight schedule for this year.

The airline, which is expanding its yearly schedule by 700,000 seats, will add services from Athens International Airport to Marrakesh, Casablanca, Ibiza, Valencia, Sarajevo, Tunis and Skopje, the latter coming in the wake of the agreement on North Macedonia's name.

Aegean is also launching a new service linking Thessaloniki's Makedonia Airport with Hannover.

In total the carrier is expanding its capacity to 17.7 million seats, of which 10.3 million will concern international flights.

The airline will also will increase frequency and capacity to key Western European markets, from Athens to Munich, Duesseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich, Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and Porto.

The increase in capacity will also...

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