Bulgaria is among the Countries Surveyed for the New Volkswagen Plant

The German carmaker Volkswagen relies on electromobility. By the end of this year, the production of "Volkswagen I.D." will begin.

As a result, the company will also build a new factory in Eastern Europe, and Bulgaria is also among the candidates, reports Deutsche Welle.

One just has to try to believe that Volkswagen managers are able to say sentences like this: "Global warming is underway and Volkswagen is part of this problem." This was stated by Ralph Pfiffner, whose area of ​​responsibility is the issue of sustainable development.

Thomas Ulbrich, head of the Electromobility division, said: "The ID will be the first climate-neutral car produced in series!"

Not even four years have passed since Volkswagen merged into a severe crisis because of the so-called dieselgate. American courts have condemned them to pay billions of fines. The big processes in Germany are still ahead.

The new head of the Wolfsburg concern, Herbert Diss, has in the meantime announced major changes - directing production to environmental mobility.

Spiegel magazine writes that Volkswagen plans to introduce its "domestic tax" on carbon dioxide to stimulate reduction carbon dioxide emissions.

By 2050, the Volkswagen concern wants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero and produce cars in an environmentally sound way.

"To achieve this goal, we must start with the changes," says Christian Zenger of the Electromobility Division.

By 2023, the concern will invest 11 billion euros in the digitization of cars and factories as well as in environmental production. Of these, EUR 9 billion is earmarked for the electric mobility sector.

The first Volkswagen plant in Zwickau is being re-equipped. So far, Volkswagen Golf has been...

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