Bus Burned Down the Road Ruse - Byala, no Injuries

A Turkish bus burns on the Rousse-Byala road. During the accident, inside were only three drivers who were able to escape.

The bus came from Istanbul to Bucharest to take passengers for its first course, bTV announced.

The fire broke out shortly after 4:30 this morning at the turn of Belene Bay. One of the drivers felt the smell of burned in the back of the bus. A minute later, the fire had spread.

The three drivers have been able to get off and have tried to quench flames with fire extinguishers, but without success. A driver from a passing vehicle who filed a signal at emergency number 112..

By the time the firefighters came, the bus was completely burned.

Firefighters have prevented a tank explosion that has been filled with a ton of fuel. Due to the accident the traffic in the area is difficult.

According to one of the bus drivers - Ayli Sali, there has been a short circuit, the fire has suddenly spread and over in five minutes.

"We were three colleagues, well, there were no passengers, no harm, we panicked, we did not know what to do, we went out with a fire extinguisher but just did not work out ... The bus is new, all the reviews passed, it's first grade .... ", Sally said.

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