"Playing with Unfamiliar Territories" Boryana Ivanova - Artist, Innovator and Nomad on the Significance of Virtual Reality in Storytelling

Boryana Ivanova is a director and producer who creates fascinating stories for the general public. Boryana works with media companies and communities around the world, united around an idea - to open up new horizons for creativity. By combining different media, she seeks to create innovative stories and, at the same time, to address critical issues of social significance.

Boryana Ivanova was born and grew up in Sofia, studied International Relations at the University of National and World Economy, then moved to the Netherlands, where she graduated from Bachelor and then Master's Degree in Politics and Human Development at the University of Maastricht. Boryana has lived in the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Germany and the United States. Now lives and travels between Berlin and California.

Recently Boryana Ivanova is actively involved in the creation and realization of the animation series for VR - Futureville, which provokes viewers to think in a different way about new technologies. The project was created in collaboration with the award-winning digital studio UFA.

Novinite: There is a very popular phrase by Marshall McLuhan who states that 'The medium is the message'. Is this the case with Futureville or there are some other key aspects that carry significant meaning and should not be overlooked by the audience?

Boryana: The medium and narrative approach will carry equal significance. With Futureville, we move on from the (s)hero's journey and enter a new era of storytelling - the collective journey, where the narrative is driven by empowered and diverse people. The story characters are strengthened by one another, instead of being in perpetual conflict with an enemy. Thanks to VR, we...

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