Housing Loans in Bulgaria Increase by 11% on Yearly Basis, Consumer Loans - with over 17%

Household loans are growing at a faster rate than deposits, the Bulgarian National Bank statistics show at the end of January.

Households hold a total of BGN 51.647 billion at the end of the first month of 2019, while the increase compared to the same period last year was 8.5%.

Household loans grew by 10.8% to BGN 21.882 billion. Residential loans amounted to BGN 10.565 billion, while the increase by 11.1% a year. Consumer loans amounted to BGN 9.142 billion and increased by 17.6% compared to January 2018.

Non-financial enterprises have a deposit of BGN 23.039 billion, and the increase compared to January 2018 is 6.2%. Their loans increased by 5.8% y / y to BGN 32.914 bn.

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