Moscow Declared as "anti-Russian" a Survey of Bulgarian National Bank About Foreign Debt of Bulgaria

"Anti-Russian publications of alleged conqueror or even robbery actions of the Soviet Army during the Second World War" circulated in the Bulgarian Internet and among them was a publication on the website of the Bulgarian National Bank. This is what the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria says on its Facebook page.

The institution associates the phenomenon it brings up with Fatherland Defender's Day (former Soviet Army day), which is celebrated on February 23rd. A publication with similar content referring to a report of the BNB is on the website a few days ago and it refers to Deutsche Welle. In the original of May 2017, the title is "How the Red Army robbed Bulgaria". Quoted are comments by historian Daniel Vachkov from the text "History of the External Government Debt of Bulgaria" - a publication published by the BNB in ​​2006 in co-authorship with Martin Dimitrov and Tsvetana Todorova.

Assoc. Prof. Daniel Vachkov is a Director of the Institute for Historical Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences since 2017 and editor-in-chief of the Bulgarian historical review magazine. His latest book, "Accidents and Catastrophes, Chronicle of Socialist Industrialization", presented on December 5, 2018. Along with Martin Ivanov, he also wrote the "Bulgarian Foreign Debt 1944-1989: The Bankruptcy of the Communist Economy"

The publication of "Deutsche Welle" starts with Vachkov's statement in the study that "the price of unpopular and unreasonable seizures of Bulgarian state and private property, food, industrial goods, financial resources and valuables by the Soviet occupation authorities turns out to be higher in compared to the officially formed state debt of Nazi Germany to the Kingdom of Bulgaria at the end of the Second World War. "...

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