Fruits & Vegetables in Bulgaria on the Rise

With nearly 250 billion euro per year, the growing consumption of fruits and vegetables brings many opportunities and impetus for changes around the entire world. Expected to continue rising, the trend is mainly based on the non-traditional foods like nuts and berries. The international trade of only avocados and blueberries has been grown fivefold over the past 10 years. The production of plumps, cherries, nuts raises to record high numbers in Bulgaria, with a large potential for export and Dutch-Bulgarian cooperation in various fields: production & trade, transfer of knowledge and share of experience and technologies.
These were the highlight of the second edition of InteliFresh - 2019 that brought together on 22 February in Plovdiv (south Bulgaria) Bulgarian vegetable and fruit growers, large supermarkets, processors, local retailers and foreign dealers, as well as suppliers of equipment and technologies of the chain "from the garden to the shop". Global trends of the vegetable and fruit markets, export opportunities for the Romanian market, international quality certification and funding new veggie and fruit endeavours, as well as news technologies for plant protection, procession and storage were in the forum's agenda.

The talks and the B2B meetings were sparkled with the opening discussion about the trade through the new modern channels, with the special participation of METRO Bulgaria, Kaufland Bulgaria and BILLA Bulgaria. In 2018, the three large supermarket chains experience an increase of sales of Bulgarian fruits and vegetables with nearly 50 %. Since 2012 they have first-hand experience about growing interest of Bulgarian consumers in local, healthy, new and organic produce.
Bulgaria has a potential in the export of melons, which is an...

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