Robert Kaplan: ‘All the worst scenarios were averted’ during crisis

Speaking to Kathimerini ahead of his arrival in the country for the Delphi Economic Forum - which started on Thursday and ends on Sunday - Robert Kaplan does not hide his admiration for the resilience of democracy in Greece in the face of great pressure during the crisis.
"Greece has gone through the equivalent of the American Great Depression, yet it did not leave the Western alliance, it did not become fascist, it did not move into the Russian camp; all the worst scenarios were averted," says the respected American writer and foreign policy analyst, who is also senior adviser at political risk consultancy Eurasia Group.

"At the same time, it seems to have resolved this issue with Northern Macedonia, and they've attracted significant Chinese investment into the port of Piraeus, increasing its importance worldwide," he says. "The presence of the Chinese, who come...

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