Bulgaria is Preparing the Opening of a Consulate in Barcelona

Steps have been taken to open a consulate in Barcelona. This is announced by Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva in a written response to a question by MP BSP Manol Genov.

The idea is for the future diplomatic representation to serve the Bulgarian citizens living in the Autonomous Spanish region of Catalonia, as well as in the areas of Navarra and Aragon. According to the Foreign Ministry, it could also serve the Bulgarians from Andorra and southern France.

Catalonia is the third largest area reciever of Bulgarian citizens in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. According to official data of the National Statistical Institute in Catalonia, 11,229 Bulgarian citizens live, 58,268 Navarra, 4663 in Aragón. In addition, Catalonia is visited by 30,000 Bulgarian tourists each year.

The Embassy in Madrid is currently exploring the possibilities, taking into account the specificities of the political situation in Catalonia, says Zaharieva's answer. An analysis of the legal framework and procedures will follow, and then the Madrid embassy will be instructed to launch a consular opening process.

The plan is the future consular service to provide a full range of services to Bulgarian citizens.

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