Tentoglou wins European long jump indoor title

Greek long-jumper Miltos Tentoglou added the indoor European championship Sunday to the outdoors title he won last year, winning with a national record of 8.38 meters, the best so far in the world in 2019.

Tentoglou, who will celebrate his 21st birthday in 15 days _ March 18 _ started with a disallowed jump but moved to the lead in his second try with an 8.12-meter effort. Soon after, however, Sweden's Thobias Nilsson Montler jumped 8.17 meters to take the lead. Tentoglou had a disallowed third effort, then, in his fourth, jumped 8.16 meters.

"I did not become anxious about not hitting the jump I wanted in the first tries," Tentoglou said later. I was optimistic about the result. I stayed composed." Not a mean feat, considering that great Greek long-jumpers in the not so recent past were plagued by an inability to control their approach, resulting in plentyof...

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