Bulgaria is Among the Most Intolerant Countries in the European Union

Bulgaria is one of the most intolerant countries in the EU, and the poorer one is, the more its citizens do not stand close to themselves people of different ethnicity or religion. This shows a study by the University of Nevada, which collected survey data covering a total of 450,000 people in 100 countries.

Only Lithuania, Estonia, Romania and the Czech Republic are down the list of European countries. The most tolerant among the EU countries are Sweden, Spain, France and Denmark, and Argentina is the first of the hundred countries that are reported to be - mainly because of the great tolerance of different races and religions (without Islam).

Researchers use as a measure what percentage of respondents would not want to have a neighbor of a different religion. Graphical results show that the higher the GDP of a country, the more tolerant its citizens - the only exception among the wealthy countries is Japan. The poorest but also among the least tolerant are Armenia, Yemen, and Bangladesh, and the European countries - Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Bulgaria, close to them are Poland, Croatia and Hungary.

Bulgaria is almost at the same place in the order and when it is specified from what religion the potential neighbor would be. The negative attitude increases if he is a Muslim (exceeding 25%) and remains close to the average level for Hindus neighbors.

In a similar way, the picture is also about prejudices towards people of another race.

Exceptions are made only to the Gypsies, against whom the prejudices are much higher, though again decreasing from about 70% of their unwillingness for neighbors in Lithuania and Slovakia to about 25% in Sweden, which is the most tolerant country in the EU. An impression is...

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