Haradinaj "trying to provoke conflict with Serbs" - Vulin

This has been stated by Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin.

He told the public broadcaster, RTS, that the Serbian Army was "confident, strong and capable of preserving peace and stability throughout the country."
Vulin assessed that Ramush Haradinaj is trying to provoke a conflict with Serbs in order to portray Albanians as "the victims" and to call on the international community to once again take their side.
"And then other people's children, from other European countries, get killed for the sake of Ramush Haradinaj's goals. I believe that no one will ever again think that 2019 is the same as 1999, "Vulin said, in apparent reference to the war in Kosovo and NATO's aerial attacks on Serbia in 1999.
Vulin also dismissed the possibility of the so-called "Kosovo Army" storming the northern (mostly Serb) part of of Kosovo successfully, and said that the Serbian Army was confident, stable, strong, and ready to fulfill "every order of its supreme commander (President Vucic - ed.)
"Of course we are capable of preserving peace in the entire territory of our country. It is indisputable that Albanians would retreat and be routed from the north of Kosovo and Metohija - as has always happened in the past," concluded Vulin.

"I'll leave, but won't lift"

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said on March 1 that he would leave if the United States wanted him to, but that he refused to lift tariffs on imports from Serbia even if asked to by the Americans, Beta agency reported.
"If an American comes to me and says, 'Will you leave office, Ramush?, I will leave. I am not supporting any decision to lift tariffs on Serbian products though. I said I would not, and I will not," Haradinaj said in an interview for the Kosovo...

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