The Dream Job: The Owner of Svoge Chocolates is Looking to Hire a Chocolate Taster

Some people love so much chocolate that they can not imagine and one day without at least one piece of it. One of the world's largest food producers, Mondelez, has an ideal position for sweet lovers. The company, which owns the brands Oreo, Milka, and in Bulgaria - Svoge, wants to hire four people to try new chocolate products.

The proposal is part-time. The even better news is that there are no special requirements for candidates. They do not require any special qualifications, just to be passionate about confectionery and to be ready to discover new tastes, CNBC says. It sounds really just like licking your fingers, but ... there's a catch. Things get more serious when it comes to "chocolate challenges".

As part of the candidate selection process, their ability to recognize delicate and subtle differences in the taste of different chocolate products will be tested. Competition is likely to be great. In the past year, the company has launched a similar job offer, and for the first 24 hours alone, it has collected nearly 1,500 CVs. In total, 6,000 people have applied for it, and the ad has become the fifth most popular on the LinkedIn platform.

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