Premier's advisor Valcov: Gov't wants OUG No. 114 changed as little as possible

Darius Valcov, advisor to the Premier, said on Sunday evening that the government would want to change Emergency Ordinance No. 114/2018 as little as possible, and that as far as the banking system is concerned, the principles of this regulatory act will not be given up. "We would want this ordinance to undergo as little as possible changes and the changes be made only provided that there is an agreement with these actors, for Romania and the Romanians to no longer be looked upon as in the past few years, only in terms of profit," Valcov told private broadcaster Antena 3, when asked what stays and what is to be changed in OUG No. 114/2018. The Premier's advisor said that during the talks held in Speaker Dragnea's office as regards the banking system, both the government's and the banks' documents had been analyzed. "Analyzes have been conducted on the document presented by the government, on the documents presented by the banks, on their requirements, we made a comparison to the situation in Europe and we followed suit to some requests, meaning that we will carry on with the analysis and try to find solutions, but the principles won't be given up. This is what I want to tell you. (...) From my point of view, everything is good in Ordinance 114, otherwise I wouldn't have insisted that it be presented the way it was. You may ask what stays in place, given the existing pressure? I think that everything can stay, even if perhaps in a different wording. We will try to have this piece of legislation produce similar effects. Some of those who put pressure fairly admitted that 'what we say is true', they know that other countries too have tried to defend their rights the way Romania does, and other countries have gained these advantages earlier, 'now you want them too', they say, 'but it is seemingly a bit too early'. Perhaps they want us to get them in slices, a slice of freedom, a slice of courage every year. But so, getting the whole bulk at once, you see someone saying - 'just wait a minute, you are too small, and they look down on you'," Valcov said. PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said on Saturday the government could adopt an emergency ordinance to complement OUG No. 114/2018 in the second part of the month, after solutions acceptable to all parties are found in the banking sector, for energy and mobile operators.AGERPRES(RO - author: Dana Piciu, editor: Irina Poenaru; EN - author: Simona Klodnischi, editor: Maria Voican)

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