Businessman to file criminal complaint against Djukanovic

Knezevic, a wanted man in Montenegro for alleged financial misconduct, said he would file a criminal complaint on Thursday against Djukanovic, who is also the leader of the most influential party, the ruling DPS.

Knezevic has told the Podgorica-based In4S website that he will accuse Djukanovic of being "the leader of an organized criminal group."
"Yes, we are filing a criminal complaint," Knezevic told In4S.
He said earlier that his legal team had prepared "legal actions against Djukanovic and his family."
"It will surely cause a great political earthquake in Montenegro, because this will be the first time a person will file a criminal complaint against the president of a state, (accusing him) of being the leader of an organized criminal group," Knezevic said.
As reported, he warned people in the prosecution and the judiciary to be "well aware of what they are doing, and who is taking part in rigged processes and the planting of evidence, and the calling of false witnesses."
Knezevic also said he hoped that his announced move will further motivate people to take part in protests.
The Atlas Group president assessed that Djukanovic's departure from power would be a salvation for Montenegro, In4s reported.
On several occassion, Djukanovic has denied all accusations that Knezevic made against him and his family.
In an interview with Montenegro's state broadcaster RTCG on Wednesday evening, Djukanovic urged citizens participating in protests to make sure that their ideas are not "abused for political purposes."

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