Serbian president receives British diplomat

Aleksandar Vucic said this after a meeting with a British diplomat in Belgrade on Thursday.

The taxes in question, increased by 100 percent last November, target goods from central Serbia, and also from Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Aleksandar Vucic today spoke with UK Foreign Office's Director General for Political Affairs Richard Moore, after which he said that Serbia would be ready to immediately resume talks with Pristina, once the "anti-civilization" trade barrier in question has been lifted.
According to a statement from the president's office, Moore told Vucic that he asked Pristina to lift the taxes, so that the two sides would continue the dialogue.
Vucic informed Moore with the fact that Pristina has not fulfilled its only obligation under the Brussels agreement, which is the establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO). He also said that the taxes, and the passing of the "platform for dialogue" - strongly criticized and rejected in Belgrade - in the Assembly in Pristina represented "best proof that Pristina is not thinking about dialogue, but about solutions that could destabilize the entire region."
During the talks on bilateral relations, which are said to be good, despite complex circumstances, Vucic expressed interest in further improvement and strengthening of overall cooperation.
Moore said that his country would, despite Brexit, remain committed to helping and supporting the Western Balkans, stressing that the integration of the entire region into the EU was "crucial for its stability and prosperity."

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