"If Trump calls we'll revoke taxes - there'd be contract"

This is according to Ramush Haradinaj.

The Kosovo prime minister repeated for the broadcaster Dukagjini that "it should be clear the taxes will not disappear without recognition" - but according to him, "there is a possibility to suspend them if a contract is prepared or mutual recognition of Kosovo and Serbia."
"When I wrote the first letter in response to an international plan to show from Kosovo is not in favor of blocking the process, I said that if President Trump invites the sides, we would immediately abolish the taxes, because it would mean that there is something serious - there is a contract," Haradinaj said.
According to him, "Kosovo did not close the door to the taxes, but the length of the dialogue process gives Belgrade the possibility of consolidating its international position," RTS reported.
"I told Americans and Englishmen to force Serbia to stop buying weapons in Moscow in the value of goods it sells in Kosovo, and we will also consider our position on the taxes," Haradinaj said.

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