Merger of Intracom with Intralot is not confirmed

Both Intracom Holdings and Intralot on Thursday refuted talk about a merger of the two companies.

Word had it that there would be a mega-merger involving all four companies in the same group - Intracom, Intrakat, Intralot and Intrasoft - so as to provide Intralot with breathing space following its loss of Turkish betting firm Iddaa, the drop of the nominal value of its bonds and the downgrading of its credit rating.

Owned by Sokratis Kokkalis, Intracom Holdings and Intralot issued virtually identical statements to refute the claims: "The reports do not correspond to reality," read both statements to the Athens Exchange. They stressed that they always immediately report any information concerning facts or situations whose publication could affect their shares, in line with legislation.

The rumors started with the recent recovery of the two companies' stock...

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