Nearly Half of Teenagers in Bulgaria Use Energy Drinks

Almost half of Bulgarian students aged between 14 and 18 use energy drinks, Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev announced today in parliamentary scrutiny. He referred to a survey in 2014, examining the risk factors for the health of Bulgarians in which 683 students were interviewed.

Among students in all age groups, energy drinks use is slightly over 22%. The study also shows that among young people aged between 14 and 18, almost 28% drink energy drinks once to four times a week, and nearly 19% every day or more than once a day.

The Health Minister pointed out that according to studies one-day of drinking energy drinks there is no health risk. However, if you drink two or more on a regular basis, because of the caffeine and other substances, there was a risk of nervousness, trembling, insomnia, dehydration, etc., with children being more vulnerable.

Kiril Ananiev pointed out that there is no specific legislation in the EU countries on energy drinks. A ban on selling them to persons aged under 16 was only in Lithuania and Latvia, and in Germany such an idea has not been agreed.

In Bulgaria, energy drinks were controlled on the basis of the general food and drink regulation and according to the Ministry of Health Ordinance 37 on healthy eating of students, energy drinks are not available in the canteens, buffets and vending machines in schools, and other.

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