Six suitors for PPC lignite plants, including a second firm from China

The five main bidders in the first stage of the previous tender for Public Power Corporation's four lignite plants at Meliti and Megalopoli threw their hats into the ring again on Friday, in addition to another company from China.

According to a formal statement by PPC, the six bidders who expressed an interest up to the deadline yesterday are the following: the consortium of Beijing Guohua Power Company Ltd and Damco Energy SA, China Western Power Industrial Co Ltd, the consortium of Sev.en Energy AG and Indoverse (Czech) Coal Investments Ltd, GEK Terna SA, ElvalHalcor SA, and the Mytilineos Group.

Although PPC's management expressed satisfaction and the expectation "that with this participation and interest there will be a substantial tender process with a positive outcome for the divestment procedure," the entire effort will in fact depend on the negotiations for...

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