Prints by Maria Karnar Lemesheva on show in Novo Mesto

Karnar Lemesheva's prints display ingenuity and a great sense of synthesis and a combination of forms, as well as a great degree of sensitivity, according to art historian Milček Komelj.

He believes that as a post-graduate student at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Karnar Lemesheva has shown she knows a great deal about combining forms and is bold when it comes to drawing.

The artist is also well aware of cubism. And while her images stem from the memory of an industrial area, she brings lyrical softness into the hardness and sharpness of her objects.

To achieve this, Komelj assumes it probably takes "her sensitivity typical of women", with the final result being a great degree of refinement.

Karnar Lemesheva was born in Moscow in 1979, where she graduated in journalism in 2001 and worked as journalist before coming to Slovenia to...

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