US Secret Service will Train Bulgarian Teams

Secret service will train Bulgarian teams. This became known after a meeting between Interior Minister Mladen Marinov and Deputy Director of Secret Service William Callahan in the United States, the press center of the Ministry of Interior announced.

The two discussed the development of bilateral co-operation in countering counterfeiting and misuse of electronic payment instruments. It was agreed to continue the technical support to strengthen the capacity of GDBOP. Partnerships will also be stepped up in countering cybercrime.

Marinov also met with FBI Director Christopher Ray. The assessment of both was that a strategic partnership was established between the law enforcement authorities of Bulgaria and the FBI, which will develop and deepen. They discussed continuing operational interaction on specific cases, as well as working together on countering cybercrime. "We have established a regular exchange of information, including in the fight against international terrorism, and continue our joint work," the FBI director said.

The Minister announced continued training and technical assistance to strengthen the GDBOP capability to fight cybercrime. He invited Christopher Ray to participate in the opening of the upcoming conference in Sofia in September of FBI alumni .

The Bulgarian delegation led by Minister Mladen Marinov held a working meeting with the US Customs and Border Protection Service Kevin McCainlin. "We have regular information exchange and great interaction," said the Director of the US Customs and Border Guard Service. Minister Marinov and the host highly praised the real-time data exchange, the joint projects and the exchange of experience.

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