5 Technological Advancements in Eyeglasses You Don’t Know About

Many people associate eyeglasses with cutting-edge technology. As we can see, smartphones get smarter, and cars go greener, eyewear seems comparatively the same. This notion is dead wrong because opticians and materials experts are pushing the boundaries of what eyeglasses can do.

In 2012, a study conducted by Kingsley Consulting said that a United states glass wearer would save about ,000 in his lifetime if his/her eyeglasses are bought online. With the hassle-free services and features that most sites offer their potential customers, it will not be wrong to say that an online store purchase is undoubtedly a lot safer than any walk-in eyeglass store.


Image source: grandviewresearch.com (North America eyewear market growth by 2024 in spectacles, contact lenses, and sunglasses.

Listed here are 5 examples of high-tech eyeglasses already on the market or in the near future.



  1. Augmented Reality Eyeglasses

Smartphone applications have been using augmented reality, or AR, for many years.


Image source: arpost.co

People find constellations by positioning their smartphones up to the sky or make an effort to catch digital creatures in their areas. Apart from some preliminary forays by Snap and Google, AR has not made its way into eyeglasses…yet.


Image source: QZ.com

There is without any doubt a lot of possibility of augmented reality eyeglasses. Think about strolling down to busy streets or being able to quickly see star ratings of dining places in your sight view. Love taking photos? Just command your eyeglasses to picture exactly what is in front of you. Although there is still...

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