Graffiti, myths, ancient marbles

A verse from Giorgos Seferis's poem "Thrush" - "...the statues are no longer fragments. We are" - perfectly captures the essence of "Broken History," a new collection of works by artist Pavlos Samios that recently went on show at the Greek capital's Byzantine and Christian Museum.

"It stirred me and gave me a real emotional charge. It was the spark that kindled the flame and showed me the way for this exhibition," says the artist in reference to that verse by the Nobel laureate. "The entire past, history welled up inside of me and brought the bitter realization of where we were and where we have ended up. We are the broken statues today and everything else is broken too: history, the past, the present and the future."
"Broken History" comprises 66 large-scale works, some more than 3 meters tall. "I would say that the show casts symbols of ancient Greek civilization in...

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