Bulgaria in the Top 10 of Countries with Nationalistic Sentiment

81% of adult Bulgarians put national interests first and Bulgaria falls into the top ten countries in nationalist sentiment. This is the result of an international survey by Gallup International, conducted in 58 countries around the world.
The results show that 70% of citizens around the world prefer national interests ahead of international cooperation and globalization, for which support is only 21%. In the EU, two out of three voters turn their backs to globalization. The study also notes that the world sees international sanctions as an effective tool for policy change. In our country, 44% of respondents believe that sanctions against China and Russia have no effect.
Data from Bulgaria indicate that the country is part of the global trend. We fall into the top ten in nationalist sentiment. Before us are Ethiopia, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Nigeria, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea and Ecuador.
A majority of 81% of Bulgarians adults believe that the national interests of the country are the first. Only 9% of respondents think globalization is more important. The rest have no opinion. On a question about the effects of sanctions against countries like China and Russia, 44% believe they are ineffective, and a quarter think they have an effect. 34% can not judge, which shows a great deal of misunderstanding of the topic.
Bulgaria is among the countries with low levels of confidence in sanctions. However, countries such as Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria, which for the most part regard sanctions as ineffective.


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