Who remembers the Attikon and the Apollon?

It takes quite an effort to remember what the building housing the Attikon and Apollon cinemas in downtown Athens looked like before it was torched during anti-austerity riots in 2012. Seven years have passed since then and it remains a scorched edifice, a witness of failed efforts to bring the cinemas back to life, becoming increasingly invisible in the city center.
The burned edifice has left a void that seems to "cut the city center in two," as one of the candidates running for mayor of Athens told a residents' meeting recently. Asked what he intends to do about it if he is elected in late May, he could not provide a clear answer as the matter is complicated by the involvement of various foundations and private individuals who have rights over the large building. He is not alone. Most candidates are talking about adopting an "aggressive instead of a defensive position"...

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