Honorary Ambassadors in the News Awards 2018: Journalist, Producer and Storyteller Georgi Toshev

During a reception at the M3 Communications headquarters, an established leader in public relations in Eastern Europe and an associate of Novinite Group, Georgi Toshev in his trademark sense of optimism received the award of Honorary Ambassador in the News for 2018. 

He is well known for his articles, television productions and links of International personalities and lifestyle stories and also promoting Bulgarian culture abroad. 

Mr Toshev became popular with the show "The Other Bulgaria". The most traveling Bulgarian journalist, visited 186 countries around the world. He is also producer of  ''Before Noon'', ''The Unknown'' and '' Like in Cinema'' on bTV. 

Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency), part of Novinite Media Group, is the largest Bulgarian English-language media, which offers real-time news, reviews, interviews and analysis of events in Bulgaria, aimed at the international readership.

Mr Toshev shared memories from the early days of his career and went on to illustrate what are the things that keep him motivated.

He is directly responsible for discovering number of talents and specified that exactly this opportunity to discover and give stage to people to express themselves in various ways is what makes it all worth it. 


Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency) is founded in 2001 by the Bulgarian journalist, businessman and PR expert Maxim Behar.



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