PAOK's title party gets postponed

The White Tower in central Thessaloniki was ready for the party. The flag and scarf sellers and the kebab makers had set up shop from the afternoon on Sunday. The TV crews were picking their best angles from the spot where the PAOK following would converge to celebrate the club's first league trophy in 34 years.

Similarly, hundreds of fans of the Thessaloniki giant were about to gather at Tempe, the narrow passage that separates Thessaly from Macedonia, to greet the new champions after their victory at Larissa on Sunday evening. Except that PAOK did not win after all.

The fan gathering dissolved in disappointment, the flags and the scarves were tucked away quietly and the champagne remained on ice for now, just for one more week, until PAOK clinches mathematically the Super League crown, as Larissa snatched a 1-1 draw from the league leader and postponed celebrations,...

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