Energy-intensive industries are teaming up to bid for Meliti plant

A number of energy-intensive industries are planning to join forces for the acquisition of the Public Power Corporation's coal-fired unit at Meliti in western Macedonia.

Along with ElvalHalcor, which is participating in the tender for the sale by PPC of the four units at Megalopoli and Meliti, there are five other energy-intensive industries which have pooled together to submit a joint bid for Meliti. They are textile firm Epilektos, MEL paper mills, steelmaker Hellenic Halyvourgia, and cement giants Titan and AGET Iraklis.

Discussions between the six companies began upon the initiative of ElvalHalcor and depend on the shared permanent demand for the reduction of energy costs in Greece. Interest therefore is not related to any investment plans to enter electricity production, but rather to the chance to bring down energy costs that the PPC divestment offers. This is...

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