Fake Sports Goods Detained at Varna West Port

Officials of the Directorate for Customs Intelligence and Investigation and the North Maritime Territorial Directorate have detained 13,210 pairs of trainers and 7,710 packing boxes over infringed intellectual property rights, said the press office of the Customs Agency. Trainers and packaging boxes bearing world-famous brands were found in two containers from China at Varna-West port during a joint inspection by Customs and Border Police officers at the end of March 2019. During the check, behind the first two rows of sport shoes that did not bear registered trademarks, the officers found a total of 11,050 pairs of trainers bearing the marks of a famous German brand, 2,160 pairs of trainers with an American brand logo and 7,710 packaging boxes, also with signs of the two world brands.
The trainers and the packages were detained by the customs officers in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 608/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning customs enforcement of intellectual property rights and the law on marks and geographical indications.
Following a response from the legal representatives of the trademark owners, the detained goods are now subject to destruction.

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