Bulgaria Remains at 111th Place on Media Freedom in the World

Bulgaria remains at 111th place in media freedom. This was made clear by the annual Freedom of the Press Index, announced by the international non-governmental organization Reporters Without Borders.

As in 2018, Bulgaria ranks 111th among Ethiopia, which have the same index as our country (35.11) and Mali, which are 112th. A total of 180 countries are ranked. The top three places are Norway, Finland and Sweden. The last place is for Turkmenistan.

The brief description of the situation in Bulgaria reads: "Increased physical attacks. The negotiation between the media, the authorities and the oligarchs remains unchanged, while the physical attacks on journalists are increasing."

Journalists are increasingly being subjected to violence. Hate speech by populist politicians and authoritarian leaders is turning into physical attacks around the world, Reporters Without Borders said in its annual report, AFP writes.

Also, the number of countries in the world where journalists can work calmly diminishes, the report said.

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