Business in the Euro Area with the Lowest Growth Since 2014

Eurozone business growth is at its lowest level since 2014, driven by stagnation in France and a slowdown in Germany, according to recent reports, quoted by

In the shadow of political risks such as Brexit and weaker global growth, the eurozone is struggling to keep its economy healthy, according to a study by IHS Markit.

The disappointing data from the survey show that "quarterly GDP growth in the eurozone has slowed to just below 0.2%," says Chris Williamson, IHS Markit economist.

"Production remains a key area of ​​concern, continuing to shrink at one of the fastest rates observed over the past six years," he adds.

The prospects for the European economy have become darker in recent weeks.

The International Monetary Fund on April 9 sharply lowered its eurozone growth forecast to just 1.3% in 2019, a sharp decline of 1.6% only three months earlier.

European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi warned a day later of the risks that aggravate eurozone growth, describing the current economic indicators as "weak".

However, the ECB chief added: "The projected probability of a recession remains low."

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