According to the Bulgarian Government it is Realistic to have the Hemus Highway Ready by 2024

Realistic is the goal of the Hemus highway being ready by 2024, Regional Minister Petya Avramova said in a statement on the initiative of the GERB party "Europe in your home" on Saturday.

By 2023 the Hemus highway will reach Veliko Tarnovo, she said. This year, the route between Yablanitsa and the Boaza junction on this highway will be prematurely scheduled, and 119 km of new roads will be launched in the country, Avramova said.

More than 820 km of national roads have been rehabilitated with EU money and the budget, but the analyzes show that 8,000 out of a total of 20,000 kilometers are in poor condition and 8 billion leva needed to repair them, the regional minister said.

Money for these repairs is awaiting the new TOL system, and by then, priority will be given to the worst sites, Avramova said.

Although our road network is 20,000 km, the plumbing facilities are almost 90,000 km long, as many as 250 Trakia highways, said Deputy Minister of Regional Development Nikolay Nankov. This network is for the most important utilities - getting quality drinking water, he added.

All owners of sanitary units in our energy efficiency program are happy with it, Nankov said. The program provided 220,000 citizens with the opportunity to live under more comfortable conditions. By the end of the year, the effects of the program will affect a total of 360,000 people who will also pay lower heating bills, he added.

We have made the most of the EU funds, of which 70% of public investment in recent years in the country, participants in the discussion said.

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