Again Thousands Protested in Belgrade

In Belgrade, another protest was held on 20th April under the slogan "One in five million - all in one", where the expert negotiating team with the government was presented. Then a procession of thousands of citizens from the Thezazian fountain was held with the motto "Against Electoral Fraud".

As the opposition Union for Serbia (OSA) said, the protest is being held because Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic "rejects the opposition's demands" for a dialogue on media freedom and the conditions for holding free and fair elections.

At the beginning of the protest, the actor and member of the Democratic Party (DS) Branislav Lechic on behalf of the "People's Agreements" supporters said that "a team of experts, non-party people who were prepared with their knowledge, experience and expertise are ready to present a plan on the three most important topics, which are the "levers of Vucic dictatorship" and the crisis that Serbia is in. "These are the censored media, the abuse of the regulatory body for the electronic media and the unfair elections that rely on buying votes, extortion, and violence, harassment over the citizens of Serbia, "he said.

"These three points are essential," Vucic said yesterday that he was ready to have a dialogue as if he could have a dialogue with the unscrupulous, "here is your chance without an ultimatum!" We offer and identify professionals for dialogue, "said Lechic.

The negotiating team consists of professors from the Faculty of Political Science, Cedomir Chupic and Snezhana Milivjevic, associate professor of the same faculty Dusan Vucicevic, political science professor Jovanka Matic, political scientist Boban Stojanovic, director Srdjan Dragojevic and journalists Vukasin Obradovic and Zoran Gavrilovic.


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